Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Wedding in the Aloha State

Well, guess who attended a wedding across the ocean? She says she was dutifully recruiting for choir so here's a possibility...
Hint: she's a soprano section leader...

Monday, June 22, 2009

May 15th Concert--An Evening of Artists

Here's a shot of our art show in the back of the worship center. We had around 100 art pieces from over 30 SBC artists contributing to the show. What a huge blessing! Oh yeah--people also raved about the musical portion of the program and don't forget the ice cream social!

You like organ music? Check This Out!!!

Click on the link below to see an amazing pipe organ version of "The Flight of the Bumblebee." It's so inspiring to me. I used to beg my mom to play the "bumblebee" for me on the piano when I was a kid. This organ version takes it to a whole new level with the footwork.

Summer Camp 2009

Isn't this awesome? Fifty-three junior high and high school kids leading a worship service all on their own. This is so inspiring to see the next generation mobilized and excited. If you know any of these kids, make sure to thank them and encourage them on their journey. What an opportunity!!

Yo!! You Go Dawg!

Meet the new Scottsdale Bible Hip Hop Group "Go Dawgs". They made a special one-time appearance on Wednesday, June 10th. Be sure to stay posted for next years' performance.

Roommate Needed at ASU!!!

Niko Pagni's (soprano, choir) sons have a house around the ASU area and they need one more roommate. They are looking for another Christian male to board with them. Call Niko at
480-948-3020 or email at

Monday, June 15, 2009

To God be the Glory!

I know how the song goes. "To God be the Glory, great things He hath done, so loved He the world that He gave us His Son..." but can I say that God certainly gets the glory in the life of Bruce Pearson! "Great things He hath done" in bringing Bruce to us for these last few years. There were many tears and a speechless Bruce and Dee as the orchestra read a letter to him Sunday, from them, expressing their gratitude for his time with them. The phrase that stuck out to me was how he had helped them to become a community that cares for one another. That's one of the ways God is glorified. In His CHURCH. He shows us His glory so that we will know Him better. And the way Bruce led our orchestra in these few years, helped us to draw near to Christ and experience His glory. Bruce and Dee, our prayers go with you in this next chapter of your life. But we hope our chapter with you is not finished.

God shows His glory in CHRIST, the CHURCH and CREATION.
How can you experience His glory this week every day?
By WORSHIPING in spirit and in truth, by daily being in His WORD and by doing good WORKS which glorify the Father in heaven.
"Can I get a head nod?" or an AMEN?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Youth Summer Music Camp 09

This week has been amazing and humbling. To see God at work in the lives and giftings of 53 great young people. To work with Sean, Joe, Tammy and Elsie is nothing short of an honor. I know they'll agree with me when they say we put a lot into this week, including prayer. But God had an even greater investment than ours and it's our prayer that the outcome will bring Him all the glory and honor!

Please consider supporting our youth by coming tomorrow night to the Student Center at 7pm as they lead worship. It would certainly lift them up to know you are investing in our future worship leaders.

Click HERE to see our music camp blog and thanks to those who have been such a help to us this week.

Singing for Him, Susan Tuten

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What does your Face show?

Maddie Napoletano

The word countenance comes from the Latin word continentia, which means, literally, "the way one contains oneself." The way we compose ourselves- the way we think in our hearts -- shows up on our faces. William Stidger says " A person's face is the signature of his soul."

The Bible has a remarkable number of both good and bad reflections of this truth. When Cain grew jealous of his brother Abel, the Bible says his face was downcast. (Gen 4:5) But in Psalm 43:5, the psalmist wrote, "Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why are you disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him, the help of my countenance and my God."

Proverbs 15:13 says, " A joyful heart makes a cheerful face" and Eccles 8:1 says, "wisdom lights up a person's face, softening its harshness".

Hayden Holman

As we are preparing our children for their musical this Friday, that's something we talk about with them when they are singing. Are they really thinking about the words they are singing, do the truths come from their heart and show on their face? That is the way to really 'minister' with our musical. To make it real!

Please come this Friday to the high school room at 7pm to participate in our children's ministry. The musical is Rock Solid and is lots of fun. Even a stomp band element! See you then!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Monday, April 06, 2009

Aluminum Cans for the Orphanage

From Terri Clarke (cellist in orchestra):
Here's a photo of some of the children from the Casa Timoeto orphanage in Mexico with their new classroom whiteboard. Some of the money raised to purchase this came from the aluminum cans that people have brought in to the orchestra room. We take the cans to a recycling place and cash them in.

The photo was taken about 11:00 p.m., so some of the kids look tired while others look wound up!

We are still collecting cans and are saving up to get them a projector so they can show school and bible DVDs to the kids in class.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heading out to Serve


Today, January 19th, SBC sends out their first mission team of 2009! We have two separate teams heading out this month and traveling to Tanzania! The first leaves today and travels until February 4th. The second departs January 29th and returns February 6th/7th.

The first team will be partnering alongside Imara Ministries in both Mairowa and Kondoa (our adopted communities) in helping them with computer training, teacher’s workshops and curriculum, teacher’s evaluations, and sponsorship visits.

The second team will be partnering with the Imara Staff in helping them with business plans and assessing where and how they are spending funds, promoting projects, etc. They will be visiting the villages and conducting leadership meetings with Imara, Perimeter, and Joshua Teachers’ Trainings.

As the Lord brings these teams to your mind, please be in prayer for their travels, safety, energy, and the impact they will have on the leaders and teachers there!


Co-TEAM LEADER: Howie Berg

Co-TEAM LEADER: Sharon Berg

Phyllis Meyer

Joel Maupin


TEAM LEADER: Fred Beasley

Ron Eriksson

Bill Waddell

Joe Lindner

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol ...SCOTTsdale Style!

That's right, from our own SCOTTsdale Bible, in SCOTTsdale Arizona, we are proud of our own SCOTT MacIntyre!! Hope you tuned in last night for the first round of American Idol that was filmed here last August. 27 contestants moved on to Hollywood. Including Scott. He went back in November and I won't tell the rest.... you have to watch! Fox, channel 10. Voting starts February 16 I think. They have removed all of his YouTube videos, but you can see him on his website and click HERE for his MySpace where there are a couple videos, if you haven't done that already.

Pray for their family
Pray for Scott's health, post kidney transplant, that he would not get sick!
Pray that God would be glorified through one of His followers!

Click on his picture to go to his website.
God bless you Scott as you sing and play for Him!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Neighborhood Ministries

Brazil here we come!
Janice the cook

Micah Rich, our youngest helper
Here are some photos from our November 17th trip to serve the Monday night meal at Neighborhood Ministries. About 25 people served around 400 kids.

Check out Pam Neff's New Home

Pam writes:
We are almost ready to move into our new house. We were able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with our family there even though the house was not quite ready for the final inspection (pending landscaping). This is the first house my husband has been able to build that we will get to live in after a lifetime career as a building contractor. We are working on plans for an open house warming on Jan 1st, from noon to 6pm. Come see the labor of love at 1713 E. Calle Santa Cruz, Phoenix, AZ 85022.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Morning and Evening Worship Leaders

Thank You Larson family for leading us to His throne.

Christ is reflected in the faces of His worshipers.

We lift our hands as we pray for our elders to shepherd us: teaching, caring and protecting.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cancer Walk

Terri Clarke walked 60 miles in the 2008 Arizona Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.The event is 20 miles a day for three days and was November 14th - 16th.Terri walked all 60 miles and she has participated in the walk every year since 2004.
Terri on Day 3 at the finish line with teammate Sandra
Photos:Terri and teammates on Day 3 at about mile 48 (Terri is in the middle)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Prayer Guide

Pray unceasingly...This is our motto this Christmas season as we lift our requests to the Lord. We pray earnestly that the Lord will take our offerings and multiply them beyond measure. We pray that the Spirit of the Lord will descend upon our campus in a new, fresh way this Christmas. Join us as we make our requests known to God. Here's a guide to help you focus your prayers:

Our Events

Christmas in the Park
Age to Age Christmas Musical
Christmas Eve Services

Production details

-Every detail from largest to the smallest would be timely completed
that everything in the facility would work properly at each rehearsal and each performance
-Everyone God calls to the ministry of creating an honoring event/performance will respond to the call, regardless of the task
-Each and every participant, support person, technician and performer will keep the Guest of Honor in the forefront of our minds and prepare for the event/performance accordingly


-Every person God would have attend the event/performances will respond to His call.
-Every single roadblock the enemy would try to keep someone from coming would be divinely thwarted
-God would have hearts completely prepared, open and soft, to personally experience the Story of a lifetime.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dont Quit, Keep Playing

That's the way it is with God. What we can accomplish on our own is hardly noteworthy. We try our best, but the results aren't exactly graceful flowing music.

With the hand of God, our life's work truly can be beautiful.

So the next time you set out to accomplish great feats,

listen carefully and you can hear the voice of God whispering in your ear,

"Don't quit. Keep playing. "

Feel His loving arms around you.

Know that His strong hands are playing the concerto of your life.

Remember, God doesn't call the equipped; he equips the called.

Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's

grace.And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the reach of God's grace.

Don't Quit - Keep Playing

Sunday, November 16, 2008

No Fa la la la la's Here

Katelyn MacIntyre and Alex Tuten singing "Sing Noel".
Susan (me), Katelyn, Alex Tuten and Todd MacIntyre.
It was a worshipful morning, amidst the trappings of Christmas and the beauty of the tables and lighting. It was definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. No Deck the Halls or I'll Be Home for Christmas. None of that would compare to the MacIntyre's duet of "The Prayer". It was so moving. So we sang sacred carols and had a great time working up our harmonies together.
Donna Otto was challenging and uplifting. So many wonderful ideas for the family to make new traditions with, or the encouragement to keep on with the traditions of years past. The theme was an Uncommon Feast and it was out of the ordinary to hear about the Israelites in the Old Testament when they were suffering through Pharoah's persecution, trying to escape and the uncommon ways that the Lord provided for them.
What are some uncommon or counter-culture ways you celebrate His birth? Do others know whom you celebrate by your holiday decor? Do you reach out to neighbors? Sometimes it's just easier for me to have a plan for the holidays, how to decorate, what to bake, whom to invite over, what stories to read as a family, and I don't bother to ASK my family! And I come to find out, they have their own sweet traditions we've done in the past that they'd like to do!
So that is how I will start this season. We'll have a family meeting and make a plan that includes everyone's favorite things. I hope you have purpose this season, to make it count for His kingdom. In old ways or new.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Preparation

I know this is late notice. But it was kind of late for me too. You may have seen this advertised in the church Compass already. I have been involved with Donna Otto and her Homemakers by Choice ministry for 14 years. And the last 10 or so, have been involved with her in our annual Home for Christmas event, doing music of course. But this year will be a little different in that, the MacIntyres are singing with us. Actually, I was just going to lead carols and they were doing all the music. Now Scott and Carole can't be there, but Todd and Katelyn will still sing and Alex and I will do some fun things with them. I'm looking forward to it. The whole day will be lovely. With shopping for Christmas, door prizes and the amazing, challenging, inspiring teaching of Donna Otto. You can go to the website at Homemakers by Choice to register for the event this Saturday at the Westin Kierland, from 9-2pm.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ezekiel Saw The Wheel?

Well our two-wheel enthusiasts have completed the 2008 SBC Tour de New River and we have the pics to prove it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Heart of a Child

What a privilege to worship together, and with our kids. The 3-6 grade choirs joined the Sounds of Praise Gospel Choir this morning in leading worship. It's a great opportunity to teach our children the responsibilities and privilege that comes with leading worship. "for from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks". What is in our hearts as we sing these songs? When we're singing "Lord, my heart and my soul, I give You control", do we mean it? Does it show in our lives, in our faces as we sing? Or are these just words that sound pretty to music? That's the responsibility of leading worship. That there is truth behind our lyrics. The Truth of His Word and the truth of our own hearts being vulnerable and open to worship the Author of Salvation, the One Who is Mighty to Save!

Bonnie Heng, Alex Tuten and Kathie Fox

Lizzy Tuten smiling, Jack Everroad and I see Braden Reimche!!

Emma Tuten, see Calem Reimche with the cute smile?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Choir Member...New Grandpa

Meet Dave Zehring! He has joined the choir this year and he just became a grandfather for the first time. Nathan Zehring was born to his son Joel on October 10 at 8lbs.5oz. Proud grandma Cindy is next to him.
I have known the Zehrings for many years from our former church the First Baptist Church of Scottsdale where he was associate pastor for many years. He is now teaching here at SBC. But more details will soon follow. We will be putting all new members' bios up very soon. As soon as YOU get them to us!
Congrats Dave and Cindy!!
(Did anyone notice how big his smile was this morning in choir?)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Update on Kevin Anvik

Here's an email from Kevin on the recent situation with his dad:

I want to thank everyone that has already been praying for me, for my family and for my dad. Your prayers have been felt and are so, so appreciated. For those of you that don't know, my dad has been placed in hospice care. He is currently at home but we aren't sure for how long. I am traveling out to Georgia tomorrow to say goodbye. I would definitely appreciate prayer for a few things.

This will be an incredibly difficult time for my sister Nelda and my mom. My parents are living with my sister. At the same time this is an answer to prayer. My brothers and I have been talking and praying about how we can support our sister better as the doctor visits have outnumbered the days spent at home the past several months. It had been getting really hard on my sister and my mom. He now has care for at least 12 hours a day and as he gets worse he will probably go back to the hospice care facility. I would love to have you pray for my sister and mom as they will be the ones there when my dad's earthly tent finally gives up.

I would appreciate prayer for my kids and especially for my little Zach. Grandpa and him were buddies. I think it will hit my kids more when it finally happens but I know they think about it from time to time now. This is the first significant relationship that they have had to deal with this kind of loss.

Be in prayer for my wife Dawn as she has a ton on her plate right now. She has a sister that is very sick, a really good friend that has been very sick and in and out of the hospital the past several weeks, and her own health issues that have seemed to just go on and on over the past 6 months or so.

For those of you that have known some of the other things that God has been bringing us through over the past few years, you know that we know that God is good and will make everything work together. It has been an amazing journey that God has taken us on and I am sure God has used all of this to mold us a little closer to His likeness. I have no doubt that this will be the same. Thank you so much for those of you that have traveled this journey with us. We love you.

Finally for me I would covet your prayers for this next week. I have never had to do this before. I know there will be a lot of laughs and a lot of tears over the next week but I especially pray for clear direction in my discussions with my dad. My dad believes in God, he knows the Gospel, he knows why Christ came, died and was raised but I really do not know if he KNOWS God and is a Christ follower. He believes he is and that is what makes it hard. I would love to know that for sure when I come home next week. I would also love prayer next Wednesday at about noon Arizona time as that is when I will be saying my final goodbye to him in this world. I can only hope and pray that his name is or will be written in the book of life so I can one day say hello to him again someday.

I sent this to some of you a week or so ago but I thought I would send it along to the rest of you.

My dad lived an amazing life in his 98 years on this earth. He touched a lot of people, impressed his strong work ethic into us, and made friends with everyone he met. He lived through 2 World wars, the great depression, voted for countless presidents (as my brother reminded me this past weekend, he is one of the few alive today that voted for FDR 4 times!) and congressmen, and lived a life of high integrity that we are all very proud of. Most importantly he was a great father, grandfather and husband. My parents celebrated their 70th anniversary this past year. It is a life I can only hope to duplicate in some way, shape, or form.

It always seemed like it would be easier to say goodbye to a man that we knew for so many years and that lived such a full life, but I can tell you that it isn't any easier. I can't imagine how hard it will be for my oldest brother and my mom who have spent 70 years on this earth with him, but I can tell you that it is never too late to tell your kids and your parents how much you love them and you can't say it too often.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and kind thoughts. Feel free to forward this to anyone that you know, knows us and cares for us.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

It Shouldn't Have Happened

Before I get too far into this blog, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who prayed for my parents as they lost a good portion of their house to Hurricane Ike. As an update, they are doing great. Just moved into a cute little temporary apartment and are on the verge of getting the contractor hired and underway for the rebuild. They were supported by so many friends and neighbors and prayers which circled the globe. And true to God’s merciful nature, there are just too many stories to tell about how they have been amazingly provided for in all of this.

Now all that being said, there is one story which I believe warrants attention because it carries with it the full weight of a God who does not change in relation to His people, regardless of era. When the tornado hit my folks’ home, it basically threw four trees at the roof. One particularly large pine tree landed across the bedroom portion of the house, crashing through the front end, coming out the back, and landing directly above their bed where they were “sleeping” at the time. [pictures are posted below] When the tree removal crew came out with the crane to remove the tree, they took one look at the situation and said that there was only one place on that roof where the juncture was strong enough to support a tree of that size and the tree had landed in that one spot. A couple of inches either way, and it probably would have killed my parents. If that was not enough, my Mom was told that the portion of roof above their bed had NOTHING structurally sound holding it there. It should not be there, this should not have happened the way it did and they really should be dead.

The point is – something which should not have been able to happen did happen. The laws of the natural world were once again broken by a sovereign God who more than cares for His own. I just kept thinking of the time when the people of Israel crossed the Jordan and entered the Promised Land for the first time. They did as God asked, put their foot in the Jordan and the water dried up. What should not have been able to happen did happen. Natural law was broken for the sake of His children so that they would have a clearer understanding of just Who was taking care of them, every step of the way. And following further instruction, each tribe took a rock from the bottom of that riverbed which should not have been dry, and built a memorial pillar so that they would never forget who they were in relation to their God.

I certainly never want to forget. I’ve asked my Mom to send me a small piece of that roof to keep for my memorial that I might never forget who I am, who my parents are, in relation to my sovereign unchanging God. I never want to forget that sometimes, in remarkable ways, what should not be able to happen can happen and it can happen in my life. What amazing thing is happening in your life and what memorial pillar can you build to never forget the awesomeness of a personal, merciful God?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

God's Standard of Worship -- Part 2 -- Results

Greetings again. Here is part of 2 of the Standard of Worship devotionals as promised. Many thanks to all of you praying to diligently for my parents in the loss of their house to Hurricane Ike. They are doing quite well and plans are moving forward and progress made in getting them resettled for the next year of rebuilding. There's a really great backstory behind all of this which I'll share in another blog soon. See you from the loft!

Read 1 Chronicles 16:43 – 17:17

Do the blessings end when the last note fades and the final “Amen” is heard? There are those who have not yet learned to carry their worship beyond the walls or beyond the moment. Yet for the heart committed to complete worship, the last note and the final Amen are just the beginning. For at that point, true and complete worship will spill out from the confines of the service and flow beyond the walls to continue the blessings for God and the worshiper.

David was filled with the blessings of the day. The ark had been successfully brought up to Jerusalem, the nation bound in the unity of praise and most of all, God had been glorified in a mighty way. David returned from the service of worship to his household to allow the blessings of his experience to spill over and cover his household.

David’s deep desire to please his God led him to seek God’s desires for His glorification. The bond between man and God was greatly strengthened through such worship, leaving David yearning to further honor his Lord with tangible evidence of his love – evidence which would be a visible blessing to everyone. The Lord was touched by the devoted heart of His servant king and chose to honor him, holding David in high regard according to His standard. In doing so, He blessed David with the promise of a shared throne in an eternal kingdom and David became known as a man after God’s own heart. This became David’s standard, his banner. Ages after would know him thus because he worshiped God the way God wanted to be worshiped.

Seek to worship your Lord and King the way He desires. Come to His altar prepared, ready to participate, offering up all that is within you because you love Him and want to honor Him. Learn how the Lord wants to be worshiped and bond tightly to Him in the course of that worship. Carry your worship beyond your four walls, allowing it to spill out into the world, blessing those around you. Listen carefully to the Lord when He expresses His regard for you and blesses you with His awesome promises in an eternal kingdom. For when we understand the standard of worship, our worship will become our standard, our banner, of who we are to our God and to the world.

Food for Thought:

1. According to Ezra 7:10, how did Ezra carry his worship beyond the worship service and out into his world?

2. Reading Psalm 20:5, Psalm 60:4, Song 2:4 and Isaiah 11:10, 12, what purposes does a standard, or banner, of the Lord fulfill?

3. During the exodus from Egypt, the twelve tribes of Israel each had their own banner or standard used to identify them and their place in the nation of Israel. If you were to design a banner for yourself which would identify you and your place in the world, what would you put on it and why?

Copyright © 2001 Kimberly K. Hannay
All Rights Reserved

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Cardboard Testimonies last Sunday, September 7th. What a powerful testimony you all brought to our congregation! It was an uplifting way to allow many people to hear our stories and be encouraged.

Here is a link to the video. Eventually we will put it on youtube but this will have to work for now. It may take awhile to open so don't be alarmed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Standard of Worship - Part 1 - Preparation

Greetings all. I know it's been a while. As with everyone, it's busy, busy, busy these days. Given that we are just a few short days before we return to service, I thought I would share another short series from the Life of Worship devotionals. Looking forward to seeing you all from the loft!

Read 1 Chronicles 15:1-24

God has always wanted only His best for us. From the moment His finger etched out the universe, His plan has been to give us only His best so that we in turn would be able to give Him only our best. That was the standard. Perfection from God; the desire for excellence offered to God. A willing heart. A broken sacrifice. Holy fellowship. Perfect worship. Though mankind’s perfection was lost in a rebellious moment, His child’s heart never really lost the desire to worship Him perfectly. So, out of His grace, He taught us how to worship Him in an imperfect world.

Excellence in worship includes planning and preparation. David tried his very best to plan and prepare to bring the seat of the very Presence of God into their midst in a worshipful manner. But his plans were off-base, founded on what he thought God would want. Though David was a man after God’s own heart, God rejected David’s attempts because they were not founded on God’s holy standards of worship. However, David quickly learned and accepted that perfect worship is based on the perfect standards of his Lord.

David was a man of precision, wanting no detail left unattended when preparing to honor his King and Redeemer. He carefully prepared the place of worship and he readied the people. He gathered the priests and instructed them, making sure past mistakes were not repeated and they were fully consecrated to the task. Seeking to make his worship pleasing to the Father’s ear, as well as eye, David had musicians and a skillful director appointed. David was planning a pageant to honor his God and he wanted his Lord pleased.

What kind of effort do we put into our worship today? Whether corporate or individual, are detailed preparations being made or are we offering the Most High God something we have just thrown together on the spur of the moment Do we approach the alter of worship with hearts prepared and music well rehearsed? And do we strive to perfect even the smallest of details before taking our worship before the Holy One? Seek out the details in God’s standard for worship and commit to giving Him only your very best in whatever role appointed to you. Give Him a heart desiring perfection and He will see even a simple song offering as a pageant for the King.

Food for Thought:

1. In 1 Chronicles 15:1-24, consider the preparations David made to honor and worship his Lord. How would you apply those preparations to the present day situations of corporation and individual worship?

2. What other Scripture passages come to mind which reflect that preparation according to God’s standards is necessary for success in honoring God?

3. How do you prepare yourself for your church worship service? Do you believe your current method of preparation is according to the standards of God? If not, what would you change?

4. Implement at least one change to your preparations for worship this week and then note the affect it has on your worship. How did God convey to you His pleasure in your worship?

Copyright © 2001 Kimberly K. Hannay
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer Missions

Here are some photos of Rebecca and Sharon Smith on the Slovakia mission trip this summer.